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Kids Early Learning Sponge Painting Kit 44PC Set

Kids Early Learning Sponge Painting Kit 44PC Set

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Make art and learning fun with this 44PC Sponge Painting Kit for kids! It includes all the tools your little Picasso needs to create masterpieces, from brushes and sponges to paints and stencils. Plus, it'll help them develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination- no need to worry, this set has it all covered!

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All brush handles are made of non-toxic and safe high quality EVA plastic.
The brush head is made of absorbent foam and sponge. It is soft, comfortable, reusable and easy to clean and dry.
Can clean all these baby brush tools, after use, put them in hot water for a while, then continue to clean, and can be reused after cleaning.
The shapes of the cute little drawing accessories are different, and the bright colors and functions can create different patterns, which will cultivate the imagination and creativity of children.
Very suitable for children who like painting, they will spend a lot of time playing with art works, it is a happy birthday gift for them.
Material: sponge, plastic, waterproof cloth.
Children under 4 years old can use the drawing tool with their parents.
Product list: ️4x roller sponge brush. 6x stamp brush. 24x combinations. 4x brush.
5x yellow sponge brush. 1x children's apron.


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