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Multiple Game Activity Center For Baby

Multiple Game Activity Center For Baby

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Bring out your baby’s inner genius with this multi-game activity center. Crafted with your little one’s creativity and imagination in mind, this center features an array of engaging educational activities, designed to help foster problem-solving and motor skills. Unveil your child’s potential with this exclusive activity center.

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Learning and Education: The desktop toy for babies over 18 months old gathers a variety of interesting play methods, enlightens the baby's cognition, improves hand-eye coordination and strengthens sensory development.
2,Interesting Gameplay: The train starts with the turning of the steering wheel. The locomotive drives three carriages and turns 360 degree along the track, while the mushrooms will rotate in the opposite direction of the train, making the paradise go round and round.
3,Rich Sound Effects: Sound effects include music train sound effects and funny sound effects. The beautiful sound is played in a loop, so that the baby's little ears can feel the beauty of the sound.
4,Linkage Gear: Improve baby's hand-eye coordination ability through simple gear movement, cultivate imagination and concentration, and your baby will become a mechanical master in the future!
5,Multicolored Shapes: 3 circles are designed on the left and right sides of the game table to enrich color recognition, allowing babies to recognize triangles, flower shapes, star shapes, circles, squares, and babies' sensory development will be developed early.
Packing size: about 18*10*20cm/7.09*3.94*7.87in
Size: about height 18*width 18*length 18cm/7.09*7.09*7.09in
Function: gather all kinds of interesting play methods, enlighten your baby's cognition, improve hand-eye coordination and strengthen sensory development, so that your baby can grow up happily in games.
Battery: 3 AA batteries (need to bring your own battery)
Packing List: 1*Mini Game Table

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