Comfort & Durability in Children’s Clothing

Comfort & Durability in Children’s Clothing

  One of the most important lessons little ones can learn is that it is okay wear comfortable clothes. Being able to play and be comfortable, to get dirty and enjoy it, is all part of childhood. Constricting clothing limits a little one’s ability to have free range of motion for playtime activities. It inhibits the development of motor skills. It can even cause nerve damage. It also makes learning new social skills difficult. Clothing affects little one’s lives much more than we adults may think it does. Until they develop some sense of themselves as individuals, little ones have a deep-seated need to look like everyone else. Being accepted by their peers is of paramount importance to little ones. Little ones who are comfortable in their clothes will tend to be more involved in playtime. They will be more social, and they will involve themselves in more diverse experiences. Also, their emotional health will be more age appropriate. Stylish clothing for little ones need not be fashioned after adult clothing for your little one to be in vogue. Simple styles in bright colours will always win favour with your kiddo’s playmates.

Ideally, children clothing should have some features that are listed below.

Basic Children Clothing Requirements

  • Comfortable, soft, and easily worn or taken off when needed.
  • The clothes should be made in a form that can easily access the baby’s nappy.
  • It should be non-flammable as much as possible.
  • It must be lightweight.
  • The clothes must not be irritating the child’s skin.
  • The clothes should be able to transmit sweat from the baby’s skin to the environment.

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